Contacting Other Bloggers

I have had some bloggers contact me, and ask me to look at their site. While I did it in the beginning, I don't do it so often now. I understand that as a new blogger that you want to obtain the attention of other bloggers, but I can tell you a secret. Contacting them may not be the best way.

By far, the best way for a blogger to gain my attention is to write about my site and link to me. I see in the referral logs that someone has visited and then I check out that site. Even if they bash my blog, I still take the review into consideration and who knows...it may open dialogue up between us.

I Don't Want People to Leave My Site

It takes someone mighty courageous to let their readers click on links to leave their site. As a new blogger, you may not be ready to let someone leave your site so quickly just yet. A way to help keep readers at your site, while letting them explore your links, are to code your links to open in a new window.

All you need to so is add the following code to your link:



NOTE: A "$" signs are added so this code work remain as text and not turn into a link. You do not want the "$" signs in your final link code.

<$a href="http://bloggermadeeasy.blogspot.com" target="new">Blogger Made Easy<$/a>


Blogger Made Easy

Can Social Sites Help Your Blog

If you think of your blog as being part of a network, then I think you can relate when I suggest that you get involved in social networking sites. There are many out there, such as myspace, facebook and gather. Basically, anywhere there is a large population of people, there are more eyes that can view your blog and become potential readers.

I couldn't tell you exactly how much more traffic you will get for your blog, but it can't hurt to network with others. You may get new readers or get new ideas. It's all about that web we weave with our website.

Should You Ask for Donations?

There are some bloggers out there who have donation buttons on their blog. Some of them even have a little link where a reader can "Buy them a Beer." While interesting, should you have something like that?

It depends on you, but the overal feel of donation buttons are that they can be a good thing as long as you don't have many other ads plastered all over your blog and as long as you are providing valuable content. Content has been, and always will be king.